‘Really stole my heart… if you believe literary fiction is boring, read this’

Old, rusty, heavy, industrial iron door.5 stars – Jessica Bell

Wow. Eloquently written. Story line engrossing. Those of you who believe literary fiction is boring, read this book. Your mind will be changed forever.

I am tempted to compare Roz Morris’s style to Margaret Atwood’s. But I’m not sure that will do it justice. Though this book has a similar “feel” to Atwood’s science fiction novels, because of its literary nature, the comparison is still weak, because Morris is a writer in a class of her own.

This is a remarkable novel. And Paftoo, the main character, really stole my heart. I will remember him always. As if he was a very close friend. I am so sad this book is over. And I CANNOT WAIT, until Morris writes another.

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