‘An allegorical tale of the evolution of social media, intrusive advertising, preference tracking, and corporate control – a great read’

Old, rusty, heavy, industrial iron door.5 stars – Dan Vertrees

Lifeform Three was a marvelous read for me. Roz Morris has a style of her own that is almost musical. It sings the body electric as it strikes within us strong chords of sympathy, admiration, and apprehension for the synthetic life-form Paftoo. Even though she does not give much more than a glimpse of the world outside of the theme park, Morris creates an allegorical tale illustrating a world that imagines the evolution of society’s consent to social media, intrusive advertising, preference tracking, and corporate control.

Roz provides an existential image for all of us who strive to remember and review those things within our lives that are of importance. We are reminded to pursue them even if they are out-of-step with the masses. We are encouraged to strive for dreams even when engaged in mind and soul numbing activities and with the constant “sharing” of social compliance.

All is accomplished with exemplary word choice that eschews the mundane and gently pilots you through the tale without once jolting you from the telling.

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