While you look outwards to the future and space, what might be happening on our blue-green planet? Interview about science fiction, artificial intelligence and the soul of a machine at One Giant Read

A folly glimpsed while lost in the woods – gatehouse to the real-life
counterpart of the underwater room of dreams.

Device addiction, how we treat ‘others’, a love of horses – talking to Randal Eldon Greene about Lifeform Three.

10 questions on science fiction origins – literary and film inspirations that led
me to Lifeform Three

The Surrey connection, horses and literary ancestors – essay for book clubs

Music that made Lifeform Three – from my series The Undercover Soundtrack

Not Quite Lost: Travels Without A Sense of Direction – my travel diary, with some of the places that inspired the Lifeform Three world

A brief literary history of robots – Emily Temple in The Literary Hub on a fine storytelling tradition


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