‘Reminds us of what makes us human – very touching’

Old, rusty, heavy, industrial iron door.4 stars – Grigory Ryzhakov

Lifeform Three is a unique story in the genre of speculation fiction. It centres around an android, or a bod, called Paftoo, who is mysteriously different from other bods. By day, Paftoo cleans a holiday park along with other bods, by night he explores the surroundings in search of his horse.
I found Paftoo’s passion for horseriding and his delicate treatment of the horse, Pea, very touching. The authour clearly has a background in horseriding and a great knowldge of equine psychology. The story is rather simple, yet the situations it presents make you think of complex questions. Can you follow your dreams when you are expected to do something else, stick to your duties? Can you dream at your peril? what is the connection between memory and soul? Is it possible that an android with an extensive experience, i.e. memory, that goes beyond its programming can acquire a soul? Paftoo’s and his friend Ticket’s final selfless deeds are juxtaposed to greed of people managing the park in the story. It’s merely a metaphor, but it reminds us about things that actually make us human.

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