Lifeform Three in Surrey Lifecomp

‘Literary science fiction at its best… has deservedly drawn comparisons with Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury and other luminaries of the genre… Lyrically gentle… a bold, disturbing vision… genuinely impossible to put down’ Juliette Foster, Surrey Life – read the full review


‘A future elegy for nature’s riches’ – John Whitbourn, Victor Gollancz/BBC award winner


Lifeform Three mystical, compellingMichelle Phillips, Plymouth University Department of Literature One Giant Read – read the full review

‘The Surrey Hills may seem an unusual setting for a science fiction novel, but its quirky blend of science fiction and fable is proving a hit with readers and provoking comparisons with science fiction greats such as Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut and Margaret Atwood…’ Read the full review


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