‘May the future rise up to meet you, and may it be friendly’

Old, rusty, heavy, industrial iron door.5 stars – Albert Verrill

Do you sometimes think of the future, factoring in all the changes you see around you day by day? If so, you might be intrigued by the story named Lifeform Three. I received this novel with the understanding that I would critique it fairly and with an open mind.

My criteria for assigning four stars to a novel is that I actually read the whole darn thing. Most of the novels I tackle, I never finish, so if I get through a novel, I know it’s at least worth four stars as far as representing its actual value to me personally.

I assign five stars to a novel that, in some way, would cause me to purchase other books by the same author. These are usually the kind of novels that leave me thinking, from time to time, of the story I found contained within that novel – and that is exactly the situation I find myself in after having read Lifeform Three. (I now own both Nail Your Novel books by Roz Morris.)

If you’re thinking that Lifeform Three might be a novel you would be interested in reading, the Kindle free sample version should very quickly help you decide if this is the next novel for you.

May the future rise up to meet you, and may it be friendly – or may you make it so.

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